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The ACEC Strategic Plan lays out the Council’s purpose, values, and vision of the future.  The Plan also includes five specific goals and objectives for the Council to follow, which include:

  • Leading Business Strategy
  • Embodying Inclusion and Diversity
  • Expanded Influential Membership
  • Essential Value to Society, and 
  • Vibrant Member Engagement

Imagine a future where our families, friends, and neighbors can thrive. A place where our member firms are helping communities think about the future and delivering the next generation of innovative solutions that support how we live and work. Can you see a world where the purpose of our profession is valued and recognized as a place for a talented and diverse workforce to build a career?

ACEC and its member professional service firms are at the center of creating a more sustainable, safe, secure, and technically advanced built environment. The Council represents a broad spectrum of professional service firms and the diverse and ever-changing workforce associated with those firms. All professional service firms are drawn to the vibrant engagement offered by ACEC for each sector of their businesses, regardless of their size, geographical location, or markets served. Members at all levels are participating in ACEC and collaborating with each other through the Council’s extensive networking channels, including Member Organizations, Committees, Forums, and Coalitions.

ACEC actively promotes itself and is sought out as the knowledge resource for government, media, academia, and private industry. The Council is the “go-to” resource for industry trends and data. Its professional member firms are valued and respected for their contributions to national, state, and local community infrastructures and to a better world. Member firms are succeeding through ACEC’s influential voice and thought leadership. ACEC member firms are sought out and celebrated as trusted advisors, as the solutions provided by professional service firms are recognized for being as important to the world as the air we breathe and the water we drink.

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June 11, 2023

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