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February 20, 2024

Introducing the Market Briefings Intel for Engineers

The Market Briefings Engineers will delve into crucial areas like vertical infrastructure, construction spending, AE revenues, and more, all the while offering expert interviews, insight into our industry, and comprehensive five-year forecasts.
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December 1, 2023

Previewing the New Private Market Brief – Commercial and Residential Real Estate

ACEC's Director of Private Market Resources, Diana Alexander, previews the newest Private Market Brief on the Commercial and Residential Real Estate market.
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November 28, 2023

Commercial Real Estate Update with Cushman & Wakefield’s Rebecca Rockey

Rebecca Rockey, Cushman and Wakefield's Deputy Chief Economist and Global Head of Forecasting joined Thomas Grogan for a deep dive into the commercial real estate market on this episode of the podcast.
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August 11, 2023

Private Market Update with Dr. Anirban Basu

On this episode, Dr. Anirban Basu and Diana Alexander cover everything from recession to monetary policy, inflation to deflation, and what markets will fair best and which won't during this downturn.
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July 20, 2023

CRE Market Update with Colliers

Join us for a private market update on commercial real estate with investment management company director Aaron Jodka. Listen to our Diana Alexander and Aaron discuss these topics: Monetary policy Shift in banking sentiment and funding availability Latest office trends and adaptive re-use opportunities “Tough Tech” Emerging markets and regional trends
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July 5, 2023

A Look Ahead at the U.S. Economy

ACEC's Senior Director of Economics and Private Markets, Tom Grogan, joined the podcast to provide an outlook on the national economy and the A/E space.
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April 21, 2023

The Economic Outlook with FMI’s Jay Bowman

Jay Bowman, a Partner with investment firm FMI, joined Diana Alexander on the Engineering Influence podcast for a deep dive into the economic outlook for the engineering and design services industry.
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