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The purpose of this Open Committee is to assist member companies and others in the creation and implementation of model contract documents.

2023-24 Goals

  1. Revise and update, at appropriate intervals and as may be necessary, EJCDC standard contract documents families for Construction, Engineering, Procurement, Construction Manager as Advisor, Construction Manager at Risk, Design-Build, P3, and others to meet ACEC membership needs.
  2. Make reasonable efforts to complete and publish appropriate commentaries for the CMA-Series and CMAR Series.
  3. Assist ACEC in promoting the use of standard contract documents, especially EJCDC documents, by federal, state, and municipal public owners through educational activities such as webinars and seminars, and via articles for appropriate professional organizations and entities, as appropriate.
  4. Continue to monitor industry trends and needs, and develop strategies for managing such needs via modified language in EJCDC documents and development of new EJCDC documents, as deemed appropriate by EJCDC and the Joint Administrative Group (JAG).
  5. Assist in coordinating EJCDC initiatives with others, such as EJCDC’s sponsoring organizations, EJCDC’s liaison organizations, the American Institute of Architects, and other professional organizations as appropriate.
  6. Work closely with ACEC’s Legal Counsel Forum, the ACEC Risk Management Committee, and other ACEC groups as appropriate to identify emerging issues of concern to ACEC member firms and the consulting engineering community at large, such as the standard of care, indemnification, warranty of professional services, engineers’ responsibilities in alternative project delivery methods, and others, and assist in jointly determining, with other ACEC committees, appropriate positions for ACEC and the consulting engineering community at large.

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