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The purpose of the Committee is to provide strategic direction and oversight for ACEC’s overall advocacy program, and to provide the chairs of our advocacy committees and representatives from the Coalitions with a forum to carry out this role.

2023-24 Goals

  1. Oversee the effective implementation of the ACEC 2023-2024 legislative agenda.
  2. Work with the Administration and the new Congress on implementation of the IIJA and other infrastructure initiatives recently signed into law, secure passage of a new FAA reauthorization bill and WRA legislation, as well as the appropriations bills for critical infrastructure accounts and other priority programs.
  3. Secure passage of legislation to waive the 5-year amortization requirement for the R&D tax credit and defend industry priorities from the 2017 tax law.
  4. Develop and carry out a workforce agenda that includes immigration reforms, STEM education initiatives, better contract terms to attract and keep talent, and other elements.
  5. Secure passage of legislation to provide relief from the FAR credits clause as it applies to forgiven PPP loans.
  6. Identify and promote adoption of regulatory reform measures to benefit the engineering industry.
  7. Support the communications department to develop initiatives that build the profile of ACEC and support the organization’s advocacy agenda.
  8. Carry out an effective international agenda to expand market opportunities abroad.
  9. As part of ACEC’s new Energy Committee; develop and carry out an agenda that addresses industrial and private client markets.
  10. Achieve PAC fundraising goals and maintain the $1 million fundraising pace; expand the number of PAC donors and new firms donating to the PAC; continue to build out ACEC’s IE Committee.
  11. Review ACEC Congressional Scorecard for 2022-2023 to ensure that it reflects the key issues affecting the industry and develop a scorecard for Committee approval in the 2023 congressional session.

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