Risk Management Committee



The purpose of the Risk Management Committee is to assist member companies and others in understanding and managing risk and, on their behalf, to advocate changes in legislation and regulation to properly control or allocate risk.


2017-2018 GOALS:

  1. Identify and take appropriate action on key risk management issues facing member firms.
  2. Advise on tort reform and other risk management legislation affecting the engineering industry.
  3. Coordinate committee activities with the professional liability insurance industry, the Contract Documents Committee, the Legal Counsel Forum, the Management Practices Committee, and NSPE Liability Committee.
  4. Provide input to other committees, especially the Government Advocacy Committee, on risk management issues for which timely legislative, judicial, or regulatory action may be taken.
  5. Conduct and improve ACEC’s Annual Professional Liability Insurance Survey of Member Firms and widely disseminate results.
  6. Conduct jointly with NSPE and the American Institute of Architects (AIA) the annual Professional Liability Insurance Survey of Carriers and widely disseminate results.
  7. Develop risk management materials, including an updated P3 white paper, that can be used effectively by members and promote the use of such materials through ACEC communications.
  8. Develop and maintain effective communications between the Committee and state Member Organization counterparts where they exist.

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