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Did you
know there are at least 6 different ways shares of stock can be exchanged
with an Employee Stock Ownership Plan?

Some companies sponsor 100% ESOPs while others own a minority
interests. Many ESOPs borrow money to
finance a stock transaction but some don’t.
Many stock transactions are a combination of management buy-ins and
ESOP purchases.

While the use of Employee Stock Ownership Plans by engineering firms is
commonplace, what is less widely known is the variety of transaction

Join Bob Massengill of Pilot Hill Advisors to learn at least 6 different ways shares can be exchanged
with an ESOPs. In addition to
discussing the transaction techniques, we will also talk about the Pros and
Cons of each technique and which situations are more fitting for one
structure vs. another.

This program will be most informative for those exploring, new or
considering second-stage transactions.
Among other topics we will cover:

A quick summary of ESOP Basics
Corporate governance in ESOP companies
Leveraged ESOP transactions
Non-leveraged ESOP transactions
Initial and Second-Stage transaction strategies

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