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Something missing in your firm today? Staff hard at it, but not quite all there? Reluctance to return, passive disengagement with the culture, a seemingly out-of-balance search for ‘balance’ in work and life – and perhaps even a little ‘quiet quitting’ on board?

Today the older generations at work see much opportunity ahead, and often wonder when the younger folks will ‘step up.’ Meanwhile, the younger folks do indeed hunger for opportunity and development – and they want direction and guidance on how to get it now. Still, something is lost – like two tribes speaking different languages. How can we better meld these groups together, and translate the big opportunity in front of the firm right now?

The path forward is not complex, but it will be hard. What is needed (right now) is a transformational approach to training for young professionals, active mentoring as a core leadership duty, and a radical rethinking of career options and pathing. None of this is ‘soft’ or ‘squishy’ work: real, tangible, and substantive improvement of firm performance (higher engagement and utilization, lower write-offs and voluntary turnover, sustainable quality and client satisfaction) is there – for those with the courage to compete.

You don’t have to act – and (frankly) many won’t. But for those searching for more: stronger fundamentals and foundations, accelerating growth, and transformational, 10X business success – the time now is now to reach for the future. Join us here – and blast off today on your journey to the Extraordinary Professional Firm.

Learning Objectives:

  • Uncover what is really going on with professional work today
  • Understand clearly what younger professionals want – and how to provide it
  • Find the motivation necessary to move from current success to business transformation
  • Create an energizing action agenda – and get going on the path to the Extraordinary Professional Firm

Presenter: John Doehring, Managing Principal, J. Doehring & Co., LLC

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Online Class

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On Demand, Online, Self-Paced

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