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Over the past two years, competition has heated up 54% while seller visibility plunged an alarming 37%. If dream clients and top talent aren’t making a beeline for your firm, chances are your website is failing you.

Since ChatGPT’s launch in November 2022, the public has debated its potential for utopian progress or dystopian disaster, largely along the lines of how it can augment the work of some people while replacing the work of others. Its soaring number of users underscores its benefits. But a growing number of critics, including the technology’s pioneer, are cautioning businesses to consider how to move forward responsibly. Is there a middle ground that can benefit the AEC industry? And, what are people not talking about? In this webinar, Hinge Sr. Partner Karl Feldman, a former software engineer turned research-driven business strategist, and Sr. Account Director Katy Pultz will discuss how AEC firms can use platforms like ChatGPT for good within the context of business development–all while avoiding the dangers. Together, they will walk participants through how to assemble a multidisciplinary team for vetting the uses of tools like ChatGPT, how to evaluate its benefits and risks, define safe practices and mitigate those that expose businesses to unexpected risks. Participants of the webinar will come away with insights and greater confidence to make the right decisions about a quickly evolving technology that will revolutionize our industry.


  • How to assemble a team with an eye toward strategic growth
  • How to begin your evaluation process and inform organizational policy
  • The risks and rewards of using technology like ChatGPT
  • How to ensure your information won’t end up in the wrong hands
  • Why the digital transformation of the business development function is crucial to the successful application of technology like ChatGP

Presenters: Karl Feldman, Partner, and Katy Pultz, Hinge Marketing

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Online Class

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On Demand, Online, Self-Paced

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