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Your firm’s growth depends on your ability to move prospects to clients conversation by conversation. It doesn’t matter how experienced, knowledgeable, or wonderful you are; if you can’t gain commitment to decisions from your prospects, you’ll not grow at the level you need to survive.

It’s not that hard when you apply a framework to make every conversation count … for you and them. Conversations focused on the wrong things (or people) take you both nowhere. When you focus the conversation on What’s in it for Them (WiifT) deals are won, commitments are made and kept, and everyone succeeds.

Today’s buyers don’t want more information and pressure.

That’s why collaboration is key. Buyers demand sellers help them get where they want or need to be efficiently while having their expertise and experience valued.

Learning Objectives:

  • What selling really is and why we all sell
  • Why we need to ditch the pitch and how to use collaborative conversations to secure decisions and commitments
  • What it really means to be customer-focused and earn the buyer’s time, participant, attention…and business
  • How to use a 5-minute preparation to increase your probability of having a winning conversation
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Online Class

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On Demand, Online, Self-Paced

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