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There’s one in every firm. You know, that person who carries that title of “”boss”” or “”manager”” while falling short of actually leading anyone.

That’s because leadership isn’t bestowed by appointment; it’s earned by attracting willing followers … whether or not you hold a formal position of authority.

And in engineering firms where there are matrix structures or where strategic initiatives create working relationships outside the hierarchy, the need for developing leadership among those without formal authority increases.

Join Mel Lester to discover why authority-based direction is inferior to influence-driven leadership in maximizing employee performance. Whether you’re in a leadership role or aspiring to become a leader, this, you’ll learn strategies for bringing out the best in your staff or teammates.


  • Apply the three types of “leader’s leverage” to engage others
  • Understand why relying on authority typically impedes performance
  • Learn about the power of positive reinforcement
  • Tips for leveraging your expertise as a leader
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