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Due to the uncanny timing and convergence of market conditions, technology innovation, social wants and government needs a Smart Cities market is emerging on a global scale that dwarfs any previous notion of the value given to built environment data.

Sometimes described as part of a Big Data program, the Smart City initiatives being implemented in many urban environments around the world today require accurate and authenticated data in which to work properly. This puts a high value on data usually associated with BIM and Smart Buildings. Think of a city as a network, with each building as a server.

In his book, “Connected Sustainable Cities”, Bill Mitchell calls this a “primitive nervous system” for a city, but in context of a Smart City, is rapidly evolving into something “approximating the advanced nervous systems of high organisms.” If each building has data (BIM for design/construction and Smart Building data in the form of Facility Management/Building Automation) then when connected to the City Network (Central Nervous System), interesting things begin to happen. Your firm’s data becomes the digital DNA of Smart Cities.

In this webinar, witness the collisions taking place in the world of how smart buildings are emerging as connected Internet of Buildings, leading to urban environments becoming Smart Cities. Learn how leading engineering firms are using technology as the basis of design for the physical world while capitalizing on the management of the digital world of Smart Cities.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify key data points and the value of Smart Building data into Smart City data
  • Learn how engineering firm’s are leveraging their data as a digital asset
  • Understand the terms Big Data, Smart Building and Smart Cities
  • Witness how engineering firms are creating value out of their existing data into new revenue streams
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