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You’ve made the shortlist, now use brain science to get the win.

No more high fiving after making the shortlist. Your technical ability, previous success, and relationships got you here. Guess what, that’s what go your competitors there too. Someone’s going to win this project; here’s how to make it you!

If you often competing in tight races, this session is a must. Come learn why firms really lose and how you can win more consistently.

You’re not selling to hearts and souls; your prospect is a 3 lb. organ called the brain. While it’s a fascinating and complex organ, it’s actually a primitive and predictable decision-maker. Those consistently winning more projects are using brain science and a simple three-step process to separate from the pack; connecting at a visceral level to win their audience. This session will share with you how this is being done.

Winning the brain requires three crucial components:

  • Messaging that fits the process, speed and emotion the brain uses to make decision – learn what those are and how to use them. Selling tools, keeping the brain actively engaged whether presenting to one or many – learn why this is so important and how so many are doing it wrong. Presentation execution – no more “winging it”. The presentation is your most important meeting you will have, there’s hundreds of thousands of dollars riding on it – learn how to do this better than your competitors.

Marketing deserves a stronger voice at the leadership level. To do this, they must move themselves beyond “fulfillment” and demonstrate how they add value and create impact within their firms. Any principal or leader will confidently share that he’s being squeezed because of commoditization; everyone sounds the same and price becomes too much of the deciding factor. This topic helps marketers and business development understand where and how they can drive profitability, brining in the latest in brain-science on decision making and help their teams pitch and win more business.


  • Learn the process to get to their real WHY
  • Confidently coach and teach their firm to present more effectively
  • Identify the most important changes to make immediately to their presentations
  • During Bryan’s session, you will learn where today’s revenue growth traps lie and how to gain advantage over both your competition and indecision. You will learn proven tactics, strategies and approaches to high-impact, effective sales. Learn to keep the customers you have and attract the ones you want.

This on-demand online class lasts 60 minutes and is worth 1.0 PDH (Professional Development Hour).

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Online Class

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On Demand, Online, Self-Paced

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