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Wage War! Recession! New Variant!… Pay for performance today to ensure your firm is financially ready for whatever tomorrow holds.

Everything seems easier for profitable firms. This includes recruiting, retention, client experience, innovation, and even culture. Profits are required to create the opportunity your team members want. Without that opportunity, you’re just proving over and over that the number one reason people leave, is the lack thereof. We have worked with firms whose profit margin started at the bottom and with firms trying to maintain their edge and stay at the top. One thing always stands out as a key indicator to whether or not they will accomplish their bottom-line goal. Can they maintain a consistent focus on performance improvements from the CEO down to the intern?

Join Chandra Storrusten and Ryan Jolley as they discuss how to leverage your discretionary bonus dollars to create that top to bottom focus on performance improvement. Our pay for performance system rewards those who deliver results and find ways to improve their performance month over month. The 6 steps in our system are how you, your firm’s fearless leader, create the critical focus on improvement. We guarantee it.


  • Learn the five key focus areas that drive the success of performance-based bonus programs and how to build a program your team members will love
  • Explore how well industry leaders’ bonus programs perform and how well your firm’s bonus program stacks up
  • Understand specific actions you can take to improve your firm’s bonus program to drive immediate improvements in engagement, productivity, performance, and project and firm profitability

Presenters: Chandra Storrusten, CEO & Chief Value Creation Officer, Visible Value and Ryan Jolley, VP, Strategy & Client Success of Jones & DeMille Engineering

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