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By 2020, Millennials (ages 22 to 40) will comprise half the U.S. workforce. Is your firm ready?

Most of the discussion about generations in the workplace centers on supposed inherent differences that make working together a challenge. Countless articles, white papers, and seminars address these differences as a problem to solved. But what about the value those differences bring?

It’s time to recognize that the reputed generational “”divide”” is overstated.

Join Mel Lester to explore why the “Millennial Makeover” is not something to fear, but an opportunity to be savored. You’ll learn how to tap into their strengths, and how respond to their inevitable growing pains.


  • What you need to know about the dramatic workforce transition in the years ahead
  • Why much of the generational research you’ve reading about isn’t reliable
  • How you can leverage common traits of Millennials to your firm’s advantages
  • How the different generations—Baby Boomer, Gen X, Millennial—can work with each other to transform their differences into strengths
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