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As a project manager, you’re often asked to concurrently lead multiple projects at many points throughout your career. And no matter what the size or project type, every job eventually generates design change orders, sometimes in significant numbers.

Managing this workload effectively challenges even very experienced PMs – and we’re here to help!

Join Howard Birnberg for a close look at skills and tools that will help you better manage multiple projects with greater confidence. You’ll explore:

  • Strong Organizational Skills and Support: You must be well organized and able to handle many activities, staff, and systems concurrently. However, your firm must provide the required forms, systems, information, and structure to allow you to do your job. While allowing flexibility, standardization of project management processes is essential.
  • Delegation: You need to effectively delegate assignments to other staff members. Growth in many organizations is inhibited by the inability of owners and managers to release the reins of control, resulting in crisis management as the overextended individual attempts to cope with a work overload and shifting priorities.
  • Responsibility and Authority: Clearly define your authority and responsibilities so you can understand exactly which budgets, deadlines, and targets you’re expected to meet, and can also carry out decisions regarding them
  • Communication: Each design consultant, contractor, and client should be represented by a project manager able to communicate their needs, questions, and status to other team members. Your public speaking and writing skills must be developed to a high degree.

Presenter: Howard Birnberg, Executive Director, Association for Project Management

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