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10 months into the pandemic, we’re all feeling the burnout. The novelty of working from home has worn off and many of us are struggling to focus while kids are in the next room doing schoolwork, or to make progress on a “to-do” list amidst back-to-back meetings and a constantly growing inbox.

The rhythm and structure of our days are off. And how we first adapted to the “new normal” may no longer be working. So how do we get work done and manage the distractions of work and family?

The good news is that the same principles that make happy marriages and happy personal lives also work for our relationships with colleagues and clients. Join Leo MacLeod to learn powerful ways to understand the principles behind strong relationships as well as how to:

  • Create more structure to your day when the boundaries are blurred
  • Keep your team focused and productive without micro-managing them or forgetting about them
  • Plan and prioritize the important projects
  • Keep yourself energized and focused so you can be present and productive for family and clients

Presenters: Leo MacLeod, Training, Coaching, Pie

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