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November 19, 2019

ACEC Secures Repeal of $7.6 Billion Rescission of Federal Highway Funding

ACEC Secures Repeal of $7.6 Billion Rescission of Federal Highway Funding

The latest short-term stopgap funding bill includes a provision repealing a scheduled rescission of unobligated highway funding—a key ACEC advocacy priority. The $7.6 billion rescission was originally included in the FAST Act in 2015 and would have significantly limited state department of transportation highway programs.

ACEC joined with AASHTO, the U.S. Chamber, and dozens of other stakeholders in repeatedly calling on Congress to repeal the rescission. According to the Federal Highway Administration, states currently have $5.4 billion in unobligated funds, and an additional $2.2 billion would have been pulled out of Fiscal Year 2020 apportionments. The cuts would have disrupted state planning and project delivery.

The latest “continuing resolution” will run through December 20. The House is expected to approve the legislation today, with Senate action to follow later this week. The White House indicated that the President will sign the bill into law.

Click here to view a full-size pdf of the image.

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