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July 16, 2021

Latest Issue of ACEC's Engineering Inc. Magazine Available Online

Latest Issue of ACEC's Engineering Inc. Magazine Available Online

The latest Engineering Inc. magazine is available online.

Articles in the Spring issue include:

IT to the Rescue - Effective IT Management has Been a Digital Lifesaver
The jolt that the worldwide health crisis has provided to IT has been stressful, as any major, unforeseen change can be. But it has also opened new opportunities to enhance process and gain efficiencies. Firms with effective IT management will be...Read More

Health Care Industry Steering Through Pandemic Cloud
Given the COVID-19 pandemic, it would be reasonable to assume that engineering and design in the health care sector have undergone dramatic changes. Certainly, in those first few months, health care providers and the engineering firms serving them went into...Read More

Engineering Our Way to a Better Future
The United States is facing a historic moment: We are battling a global pandemic; our infrastructure is in dire need of repair; our economy is struggling; and we are facing issues of climate change never seen before in our lifetime. It sounds as if those problems are insurmountabl, but they are not. In fact, our sector is...Read More

House, Senate Begin Work on Major Energy Legislation
Concurrent with the release of the administration's infrastructure plan, the House and Senate are developing specific water and energy initiatives that could move as part of a larger package or individually, depending on how the agenda unfolds. Bipartisan House (Water Quality Protection and Job Creation Act of 2021) and Senate...Read More


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