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March 4, 2020

World Engineering Day Survey Highlights Most Daunting Global Challenges

World Engineering Day Survey Highlights Most Daunting Global Challenges

In the World Engineering Day survey of more than 10,000 engineers worldwide, respondents cited securing cyberspace and economical clean energy were cited as the two most daunting global challenges over the next 25 years.

Other daunting challenges were sustaining lands and oceans, sustainable and resilient infrastructure, and sustainable cities.

The survey, conducted online by DiscoverE, is a centerpiece of the inaugural World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development, which the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) proclaimed for every March 4. The event is backed by 40 nations and 80 engineering organizations worldwide.

In the survey, respondents were optimistic about solving a wide variety of global challenges, with the highest scores going to the development and delivery of better medicine (64.6  out of 100), secure cyberspace (64.2), and economical clean energy (64).

More than half of respondents (51.7 percent) said there is a shortage of engineers; 54.3 percent predicted there will be a shortage in the future. U.S. engineers were the most pessimistic about the engineer shortage.

Click here to download the executive summary of the survey.

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