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February 22, 2023

Access ACEC’S New Resources on Indemnification and Duty to Defend

Access ACEC'S New Resources on Indemnification and Duty to Defend

ACEC has released two new informational videos on the critically important dual legal issues of the “duty to defend” and “broad form indemnification” in professional engineering design service contracts.  The dangers these two provisions pose to engineers are a constant concern among ACEC members.  They are also constant legislative items that come up before state legislatures across the country.

Understanding the need to create resources to assist our Member Organizations engaged in advocacy on these contract issues, ACEC leaders in the Executive Committee and NAECE looked to the Minuteman Fund to finance two short animated videos designed to boil these complex legal issues down into easily understandable arguments with one call to action – to make both broad form indemnification and duty to defend void and unenforceable across the country.

We invite you to watch and share these videos with your peers.  Visit the new indemnification and duty to defend site on to access the videos and sharable infographics explaining each issue.


YouTube video
YouTube video

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February 22, 2023



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