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December 16, 2020

ACEC Files Comments in Support of FHWA Proposal on Design Standards

ACEC is supporting a proposed regulatory change from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to give states more latitude on design standards for resurfacing, restoration, and rehabilitation (RRR) projects on the National Highway System.  The rule would allow State DOTs to develop RRR freeway projects using a performance-based approach rather than follow more stringent design standards that would apply to any new construction. 

“These changes will allow engineering firms and their agency clients to focus on context-sensitive solutions and will provide flexibility for exercising professional engineering judgment rather than focusing on prescribed design criteria that may not suit a particular project,” the Council explained in comments submitted to the agency.  “This successful approach has been in place on non-interstate RRR projects for many years, and we should apply those lessons learned to NHS projects.  These performance-based design standards will empower engineers to design transportation solutions best suited for a particular project’s needs without compromising safety or roadway performance.”

The policies developed by State DOTs would be subject to FHWA approval to ensure safety and cost-effectiveness. 

More information on the proposal is available here.


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December 16, 2020



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