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August 5, 2021

ACEC Joins Stakeholders in Urging Senate to Pass Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act

In a letter sent to all U.S. Senators yesterday, ACEC and 81 other major organizations called rapid passage of the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act.

“The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) represents an opportunity to provide meaningful economic and quality of life enhancements to communities across the country and to build for the future. The investments made in the Senate package would facilitate long overdue repairs and improvements to our roads, bridges, rail, and public transportation systems, as well as investing in airports, ports, broadband, and water systems.

The undersigned organizations encourage all senators to support the legislation.

The bipartisan IIJA would have far-reaching benefits. The investments would create new jobs through project construction in the short term, and provide improved safety, mobility, and quality of life for decades to come. Taken together, the range of improved outcomes for all residents and businesses would help ensure a sound recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

By including a five-year reauthorization of federal highway, public transportation, and passenger rail programs, the agreement would also ensure states and localities have much-needed funding and policy certainty to proceed with planned projects. These programs are currently operating under an extension set to expire Sept. 30, underscoring the need for prompt Senate action.

We are grateful for this generational investment in transportation infrastructure and ask for your support on all procedural votes and final passage of the IIJA when it reaches the Senate floor.”

Click here to view the letter.


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August 5, 2021



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