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May 29, 2020

ACEC Makes Changes, Improvements to Engineering Inc.

Dear ACEC Member:
We are pleased to share some exciting news regarding ACEC’s magazine, Engineering, Inc. In the coming weeks, we will be releasing a new and improved digital version of the magazine that will extend its award-winning content beyond the printed page to include video, audio and other interactive elements.
ACEC will also broaden its content offerings beyond what is featured in the existing print edition, including expanded interviews, articles and side bars related to various magazine features and departments. The new digital edition will also feature a responsive format, which allows digital pages to render accurately on a variety of devices, windows or screen sizes, including tablets and smartphones. 
These digital magazine enhancements should be in place for the summer issue of Engineering Inc.
To make room in the budget for these improvements, beginning with the magazine’s upcoming spring issue, scheduled for a June distribution, the number of print issues delivered will be reduced by eliminating a few of the recipient categories traditionally mailed.
Most senior Member Firm leadership, Capitol Hill lawmakers and important federal, state and international agencies will continue to receive the printed version of Engineering Inc.
If you find that you no longer are receiving the print version of Engineering Inc., but would like it to continue, please contact Alan D. Crockett, director, member communications, or Andrea Keeney, director, content strategy.
Jeff Urbanchuk
Vice President Communications and Marketing

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May 29, 2020



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