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July 30, 2020

ACEC Montana Reached its 2020 ACEC/PAC Fundraising Goal This Week–Here’s How

ACEC Montana hit its annual ACEC/PAC fundraising target this week. Fundraising for ACEC/PAC has been difficult during the pandemic, so we asked ACEC Montana PAC Champion John Shoff to tell us how the M.O. did it.

“We started early. As soon as the holidays are behind us we start communicating with our membership reminding them of the importance of the PAC and of their individual support. We convey the value proposition as well as the accomplishments of the preceding year and the initiatives planned for the current year. We include the spring sweepstakes information in those early communications and rely on collateral from National for the message.

“We are a state with a small population and we are very spread out making gathering more than a few times a year impractical even before COVID. We overcome that obstacle by gaining the commitment and support of key individuals within our member firms. Those “PAC Lieutenants” take responsibility for gaining support for the PAC within their individual firms. The “ask” becomes much more personal when it is a key leader in your firm.

“We follow up with the PAC lieutenants to make sure they continue to nudge members for support.

“As PAC Champion I take the time to write a personal thank you for those that support the PAC reinforcing the importance of the PAC and of their individual support.

“Our experience is that we need to keep the importance of the PAC top of mind.  And we should be able to agree the role of the PAC advocating for our industry has never been more important.”

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July 30, 2020



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