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April 1, 2021

ACEC Partners with EFCG to Provide Financial Benchmarking for Member Firms

ACEC Partners with EFCG to Provide Financial Benchmarking for Member Firms

ACEC National has partnered with EFCG to provide financial benchmarking services to ACEC member firms. Firms that contribute financial data—with firm-level confidentiality—will have access to industry trends and metrics within the single largest vantage point on trends and dynamics in the A/E industry.

“This benchmarking program will be a terrific resource for member firms,” said ACEC President and CEO Linda Bauer Darr. “Firms can use these metrics to boost their performance in the increasingly competitive market.”

Initially, ACEC will reach out to a randomized group of member firms to participate in the pilot phase of the program to test the system. Then, within a few months, all ACEC members will be invited to take part.

Members participating in the benchmarking survey will receive access to key business indicators and corresponding business analysis, including overall demographics, and prior-year growth and prior-year profit by company size.

Participants can also purchase premium access to a new online data platform, EFCG360, which will enable firms to benchmark themselves in real time against their peers on prior/current/projected growth and prior/current/projected profit, as well as turnover, utilization, revenue multiplier, and overhead rate, by company size, sector, and geography.

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April 1, 2021



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