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August 19, 2020

ACEC Women Leaders Discuss How to Expand Inclusion and Diversity

In the ACEC Women in Leadership (WIL) group’s virtual meeting this week, a panel discussed how to expand inclusion and diversity in the ACEC leadership.

The panel featured Robin Greenleaf, CEO of Architectural Engineers, Inc. and ACEC Chair-elect; Lauren Evans, President and CEO of Pinyon Environmental, Inc., who was a Vice-Chair on the ACEC National Executive Committee and currently serves as the Chair of the ACEC Water, Energy and Environment Committee; and Cathy Ritter, President of Constellation Design Group and the first woman to serve on the ACEC National Executive Committee.

The discussion focused on increasing transparency about the various paths to leadership at ACEC, with the panelists agreeing that serving in leadership roles in their respective M.O.s gave them helpful experience and exposure to ACEC National prior to serving in leadership at the national level.

WIL is planning future roundtable discussions.  The group is open to all ACEC members. For more information, contact ACEC Vice President of Tax and Regulatory Affairs Katharine Mottley

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August 19, 2020



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