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July 31, 2019

August 6 Online Class: Understanding Your Key Financial Ratios

If your car isn’t running right you call a mechanic, but if your company sputters and wheezes, it’s your job to diagnose and fix the problem. By regularly monitoring key performance metrics that determine profitability and impact shareholder value, you can steer your company to success.

In the August 6 online class Understanding Your Key Financial Ratios. Matt Fultz of Matheson Financial Advisors will focus on the key financial ratios that drive value, such as income statement metrics (including utilization, net labor multiplier, revenue factor, and overhead rates) and balance sheet metrics (like current ratio and average collection period).

You’ll examine how they’re derived from the financial statements and how to interpret and communicate these numbers. You’ll also learn how to motivate and educate your managers and staff, promote ongoing feedback, and guide the planning and problem solving needed to improve these metrics.

During this practical, bottom-line session, you will:

  • Work with actual financial statements to delve the key financial ratios that drive value in an engineering firm
  • Learn how to explain key financial ratios as they directly and indirectly impact shareholder value and how to identify specific causes driving these ratios
  • Understand the relationship importance among performance, liquidity, and leverage ratios and their connection to value and exit strategy management

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July 31, 2019



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