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April 26, 2021

Convention Keynote Speaker Chris Wallace Confident of “Massive” Infrastructure Bill Passage

Convention Keynote Speaker Chris Wallace Confident of “Massive” Infrastructure Bill Passage

Chris Wallace, host of FOX News Sunday, told an ACEC 2021 Virtual Annual Convention audience today that he feels “confident” in a significant infrastructure bill being passed this year by Congress.

Wallace touched on a variety of political issues during his address, from infrastructure to the current political divide and even media bias. He focused, however, on the importance of a robust infrastructure bill.

“There of course, will be a lot of ups and downs as they work through the process,” Wallace said. “But I feel confident that there will be a massive infrastructure bill at some point. The GOP likes infrastructure too.”

Wallace also noted that before COVID-19, he was a frequent traveler throughout the world. “When you see the infrastructure of other nations, such as the airports in Singapore or in Dubai, quite frankly it shows our infrastructure is pretty mediocre and sometimes embarrassing. We could do so much better.”

On current politics, Wallace believes the Republican Party is in a frozen state, where no one is certain what impact former President Donald Trump will have moving forward, including on the upcoming 2022 Congressional midterm elections. “Normally after an incumbent President loses, there is a host of newcomers ready to make an impact.  This year it is much less who are willing to step up, whether they are backed by Trump or not.”

When asked about current bias among the media and whether the industry would ever go back to being factual. Wallace noted that he is often praised for being someone who “plays it down the middle.” However, he added, when he was a young reporter in the ‘80s, that was not considered a compliment.

“That’s why I’m not optimistic we will ever get back to straight news,” he said.

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April 26, 2021



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