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Combating Rising Seas, Sinking Cities

Land subsidence and climate change are threatening infrastructure. Engineers are pioneering solutions for a sustainable future.

2023 ACEC/PAC Wrap-Up: Reaching New Heights

The ACEC Political Action Committee (ACEC/PAC) achieved significant milestones and accomplished another record year in 2023.

Institute Releases Diversity Roadmap Report

The ACEC Research Institute released its first-ever Diversity Roadmap report designed to help member firms execute their diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEI&B) goals.

ACEC Coalitions Focus on Workplace Challenges and Marketplace Opportunities

ACEC Coalition leaders address the issues affecting specific industry disciplines and explore emerging avenues for business growth.

ACEC Wisconsin MO Profile

Strategic statehouse engagement, stakeholder education, and leadership development help ACEC Wisconsin push legislation over the finish line.

The Delicate Art of Preservation Engineering

Renovating historic structures requires pioneering approaches and knowledge of past practices to provide today’s solutions.

Peters and Yaffee Community Service Profile

The company’s yearly creative golf event drives support for local charities.

2023 Professional Liability Insurance Carrier Survey

Engineering and Public Works Roadshow Showcases Kentucky Project

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Engineering Influence Podcast Ad

April 19, 2024



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