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August 13, 2020

How to Ease the New Engineer Shortage? Support the ACEC Scholarship Program

In a letter sent to all members on Monday, ACEC Research Institute Chair John Carratto and Fellows Committee Chair Alain Gallet solicited support for the ACEC Scholarship Program:


As fellow engineers and members of the American Council of Engineering Companies, we share with you a common concern in our profession – an insufficient number of new engineers.  Our industry faces stiff competition from other disciplines and professions in recruiting and attracting the best and brightest young talent. As daunting as the challenge may seem, we can tackle it head-on!  One way to enhance the ability of students to pursue their dreams of becoming professional engineers is offering educational grants supported by ACEC members and firms through the ACEC Research Institute.

The ACEC Research Institute is committed to advancing our profession and is working hard to increase its educational scholarship fund for individuals pursuing engineering careers. Since the scholarship program’s inception, ACEC has awarded 83 scholarships totaling $460,000.  But much more needs to be done — we solicit your help.

Your monetary support is vital in helping the Institute advance its mission to provide scholarships to those students who are qualified and more importantly, interested in becoming engineers.  A contribution to the scholarship fund is a great way to give back to the rewarding profession that has so enriched each of us in many ways.

On behalf of the Institute’s Board of Directors and the ACEC Fellows Committee, we ask that you join us in our mission by becoming a scholarship donor.  Please act today!  You can submit your scholarship gift by:

All scholarship contributions are 100 percent U.S. tax-deductible. Contributions are unrestricted for use in the general operations of the ACEC Research Institute scholarship programs to cover both direct scholarship awards and overhead costs.

We thank you in advance for your contribution and for joining us in this vital program to advance our profession and help support the next generation of engineers.

Yours in the spirit of education and the engineering profession,

John L. Carrato                                                      Alain J. Gallet, P.E., FACEC
Chair, ACEC Research Institute                            Chairman, Fellows Committee

President & CEO                                                   Terracon Consultants, Inc.
Alfred Benesch & Company


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August 13, 2020



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