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March 29, 2022

New ACEC Book Explores Climate Change and the Built Environment

New ACEC Book Explores Climate Change and the Built Environment

ACEC has just published Climate Change and the Built Environment. Edited by Patricia Gary and Lisa Churchill, and authored entirely by women experts across the Design Services Industry, this book is a resource for design professionals, owners, lawyers, contractors, and construction industry stakeholders—or  anyone seeking to understand the complex problem of climate change and the built environment. 

There is scientific consensus that greenhouse gas emissions are causing climate change, yet the question of what to do about it is still debated. The goal of the book is to both inform and inspire. The authors provide practical guidance, and vital industry information and expertise, including design strategies for mitigation and adaptation, new project approaches, contracting practices, and legal and insurance insights. 

The book lays out a path forward to address climate change through best practices. Both the Design Services and Construction industries have roles to play in moving to a low-carbon pathway, and building climate resilience into the built environment.

Topics include:

  • Historical Overview of Climate Change 
  • Responding to Climate Change through Mitigation and Adaptation   
  • Climate Change and Its Relevance to the Design Professional  
  • Climate Change and Insurance: Evolving Trends 
  • Climate Change Lawsuits: Trends and Analysis of Legal Actions  
  • The Role of Government and Regulation in Climate Change Adaptation  
  • Contracting Practices and Risk Management 
  • Approaches to Resilient Infrastructure Planning and Design
  • The Next Evolution of Building, from Green and Smart to Resilient
  • Climate Adaptive Stormwater Management
  • Looking Ahead: Designing a Resilient Future

The book also includes in-depth case studies of five climate-resilient projects.

Click here to order Climate Change and the Built Environment

All proceeds from the sales of this book will go toward ACEC’s scholarships and educational programs.


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March 29, 2022



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