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December 2, 2021

Next Week’s Online Classes: Time Management, Cybersecurity, & Building a Better Board

The D.I.S. Multi-Tool: Reclaim Your Time
Tuesday, December 7, 1:30–3:00 PM (Eastern)

Learn three powerful strategies to get more out a day, conserve your energy and reach your personal and professional goals. From senior managers to emerging leaders, time and energy are finite. How do you meet your commitments and have a life on your terms by Delegating, Ignoring and Shrinking time sinks like email, meetings, interruptions, and those last-minute emergencies? Empower your teams and make progress in your career by learning this simple but powerful formula that works for everything in the way of your priorities!

In this online course, Leo MacLeod will guide you to:

  • Distinguish and prioritize tasks as important v urgent
  • Identify two specific time sinks you can eliminate
  • Learn the essentials of effective delegation
  • Dramatically reduce the time you are in email

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Cybersecurity Strategies for Small Firms 
Wednesday, December 8, 1:30-2:30 PM (Eastern)

Small firms can be an attractive target for cyber-attacks often because they lack the infrastructure of larger firms. As cybersecurity risks for small firms grow each year, they are faced will increasing challenges to ensure that their data and customers are well protected from ever-advancing threats. The stakes are high as small businesses may not be able to sustain their operation after a major cyber security breach.

A greater understanding of this risk can lead to the implementation of better security strategies, process changes, and justify security-related expenditures.

Join Lee Ann Wheeler of the ACEC Business Insurance Trust for a webinar targeted to help small firms be proactive on the critical insights of cybersecurity that will protect your data and information from outside sources in cyberspace or the Internet.

You will learn:

  • Awareness and risks
  • Today’s complex threats
  • Education and protection: how to protect your business
  • Recover and backup
  • Helpful resources

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Taking your Board to the Next Level 
Thursday, December 9, 1:30-2:30 PM (Eastern)

Business leaders need every edge possible for success in this competitive industry environment. It’s no longer good enough to put in a good day’s work. Success demands that you think bigger.

This is why Boards of Directors are shifting their focus from day-to-day management to strategic over-the-horizon direction, long-term financial health, and sustainability of the organization.

Join Gerry Salontai of the  Salontai Consulting Group to learn how your firm’s Board sizes up and where there may be an opportunity to improve your business.


  • The current focus of high-performing Boards
  • Selecting the best Directors to increase performance
  • What should be on the Board agenda today
  • Taking the long-view to drive company value and sustainability

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December 2, 2021



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