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September 9, 2020

Online Classes Next Week Focus on Business Development, M&A, and Emotional Intelligence

ACEC will offer three online courses next week.

Plan. Picture. Perform.
Tuesday, September 15, 1:30-2:30 pm (EST)

Building relationships with potential clients and strengthening bonds with current clients are critical in creating and maintaining a successful business in any economy.

Dana Birkes of AECorn Consulting, LLC and Brad Thurman of Wallace Engineering will explore concepts that are critical to developing a successful business development program, examining what it takes to incorporate business development into strategic planning efforts and the steps needed to turn strategic initiatives into realistic business development plans.


  • Learn the importance of, and how to, align the company’s strategic plan with its business development plan
  • Identify what is critical to include in a strategic plan and business development plan
  • Examine how to target the right prospects and opportunities
  • Explore best practices for converting prospects and opportunities to profitable work

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Navigating Mergers and Acquisitions
Wednesday, September 16, 1:30-2:30 pm (EST)

Industry consolidation is something every firm leader thinks about. In this session, Matt Fultz of Matheson Financial Advisors will give owners an overview of the tools they need to build value in their firms in today’s deal environment.

Fultz will provide insight into firm valuations and deal structuring, discuss underlying business factors that impact value, and review the impact on industry consolidation trends and how design firms can best position themselves to successfully close deals.


  • Understand the underlying business factors that impact value and how to manage and evaluate these when pursuing M&A deals
  • Learn how to better close your M&A deals, by learning about firm valuations and deal structuring
  • Gain knowledge of the impact of industry consolidation trends and how design firms can best position themselves

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Emotional Intelligence at Work
Thursday, September 17, 1:30-2:30 pm (EST)

Organizations are increasingly paying attention to the importance of emotional intelligence at work. Research has found that work performance can be strongly influenced by a person’s self-awareness, empathy toward co-workers, and impulse control, which are just a few components of what is often referred to as emotional intelligence.

In this session, Matthew Siegel of Matthew Siegel Consulting, LLC will focus on the fundamentals of emotion functioning in the workplace.


  • Learn the relevance of emotional intelligence
  • Examine the aspects and purposes of emotional intelligence
  • Identify your own emotional intelligence features
  • Manage your emotional intelligence

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September 9, 2020



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