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March 26, 2020

Second ACEC Member Survey Tracks Rapidly Rising COVID-19 Impacts

ACEC completed its second member firm survey tracking the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on March 25, with 738 firms participating.

Here are the key findings (compared to the first survey):

  • More firms (79%, up from 71%) are restricting domestic travel
  • More firms ( 93%, up from 80%) have implemented a telework policy
  • Social distancing (84%, up from 77%) and virtual work (84%, up from 73%) are the top work continuation methods
  • There were big jumps in the number of firms reporting delays in RFP/RFQ awards (40%, up from 24%) and reporting project delays or cancellations due to COVID-19 (58%, up from 44%).

Responding to new questions in the second survey, 87 percent of firms have not received any assistance from creditors or know of any; 47 percent believe Congress should delay payment of firms’ share of Social Security payroll taxes; and 44 percent favor increasing interest deductibility for businesses.

Other suggested steps that Congress could take to ease cash flow challenges include no-interest loans, grants to cover payroll, tax credits and deductions, and direct payments/unemployment to employees. 

Click here to read the complete survey report. 




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March 26, 2020



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