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November 12, 2020

Shed the Fear of Public Speaking with our New Online Course


For many engineers, public speaking is a dreaded and unpleasant chore, to be avoided if at all possible, but one thing never changes – it’s a necessary skill to win business. 

Many believe that the podium is the exclusive province of extroverts and show-offs. The truth, however, is that anyone who has expertise in a subject – and that’s all engineers – can become a competent, self-assured public speaker. Great public speakers are rarely born that way.  It’s a skill that develops over time and experience.

Join veteran presenters (and closet introvert) Karen Erger and attorney Eric Singer as they share their journey from nervous and painfully bad public speakers to confident, happy presenters – and give you a pathway to “stop worrying and love public speaking.”

They’ll share ideas about using PowerPoint, how to engage your audience, what to do when you get asked a question out of left field, how to deal with sleeping audience members, and much more. No scary role-playing or other woo-woo stuff will be sprung on participants.

Join Karen and Eric on November 19th at 1:30 EST for this new online course. Register here


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November 12, 2020



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