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It’s been more than 15 months since most employees at engineering firms switched to remote work and many of them are still there. One of the impacts of this sudden change in how we work has been employee burnout, with many finding it difficult to strike the proper work/life balance. This is a big issue for engineering firms because high-performing employees tend to be more susceptible to burnout, and they can become disengaged and end up leaving the firm for greener pastures.

Talking with us about how to beat burnout is Peter Atherton, who is president of ActionsProve, LLC. Peter has presented a program for ACEC on burnout and has a book that’s available on Amazon titled Reversing Burnout.

Click here for the ACEC On-Demand online class Leadership, Engagement, and Burnout Prevention in a World of COVID and Change.



ACEC Life/Health Trust

July 8, 2021

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