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We were honored to be joined by Raj Arora, CEO of Jensen Hughes to discuss his firm’s focus on ESG throughout its diverse set of practice areas.

Jensen Hughes is the global leader in engineering, consulting and technology that make our world safe, secure and resilient. Worldwide, the firms is recognized most widely for its leadership in fire protection engineering – a legacy of responsibility Jensen Hughes has advanced with honor and pride since 1939.

In addition to fire protection, Jensen Hughes excels in other areas critical to advancing safety, security and resiliency – these include accessibility consulting, risk and hazard analysis, process safety, forensic investigations, security, and emergency management as well as digital innovation across many of its services. The firm serves all markets from Government, Healthcare, Science, and Technology to Energy, Mission Critical and Transportation. Jensen Hughes employs 1400+ colleagues across the world and performed 22,000 projects in 100 countries last year.



February 17, 2022

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