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In this engaging episode, we host Jared Jamison, Senior Consultant with PSMJ where we spotlight an upcoming ACEC/PSMJ course, “Managing Small Projects Successfully.” Jamison, a former structural engineer who transitioned into business consulting, shares his insights into the course creation. He elaborates on the course’s value, especially for those stepping into the realm of project management.

Jamison explores the unique challenges of managing small projects, such as limited time and budget, juggling multiple assignments, and receiving less focus from upper management. He gives invaluable advice on maintaining consistency in project management aspects regardless of the project size and effectively scaling strategies for small projects.

Towards the end, we delve into the complexities of transitioning engineers from the technical side to the business side, highlighting the importance of resources that bridge this significant gap. If you are a project manager dealing with constant attention demands and tight deadlines, this episode is a must-listen!

Tune in to gain insights from experts on mastering the art of managing small projects. Listen as we discuss helpful strategies, practical tools, and firm-level big-picture strategies—all aimed at helping you navigate the world of project management with confidence!

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May 3, 2024

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