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In this episode from the 2024 Spring Convention and Legislative Summit, we discuss ACEC’s DEI&B Committee initiatives, how it functions, and the importance of its roles. The conversation revolves around the ongoing efforts to provide reliable tools and resources, fostering diversity and inclusivity within the engineering community.

Guest speakers include Eric Madden, the CMO from JMT, and Michael Cooper, president of HED. Together, they explore the creation of infographics to simplify the understanding of ACEC’s organization, charting leadership paths for members and how leaders could truly benefit from the organization. The infographics serve as a tangible tool, inviting broader participation at national and MO levels.

The dialogue moves towards discussing effective strategies for increasing organizational involvement, highlighting the necessity of diversity. They discuss how crucial it is to educate individuals about ACEC, cultivate comfort within the organization, and promote efficient networking.

Whether you’re an employer, an industry professional, or an aspiring engineer, this podcast episode provides thoughtful conversation and insights into the world of engineering, leadership, and the core values that guide ACEC.

Watch the conversation on our YouTube channel:

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May 22, 2024

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