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Today we’re talking about incentive programs. They are a facet of the salary structure in almost every—or maybe even every—engineering firm, yet they are notoriously difficult to design and maintain. A survey by PSMJ found that 76 percent of employees at engineering firms said that their bonus program needed to be improved.

To get into this issue, we’re talking today with Ryan Jolley, who is an owner and Chief Strategy Officer of Jones & DeMille Engineering in Richfield, Utah. In 2017, he helped to develop a bonus program at the firm that led to a huge jump in profitability. Based on that success, the firm spun out the concept into a new software company, ourlinQ, of which Ryan serves as co-founder and CEO.

A couple of weeks ago, Ryan presented an ACEC online class, Everyone Hates Your Bonus Program – Here’s How to Fix It! and we’re going to delve into some of the issues that he raised.

Click here to download the On-Demand ACEC online class.

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ACEC Life/Health Trust

June 1, 2021

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