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The 2023 Q3 Engineering Business Survey is a product of the ACEC Research Institute.

The Institute for Association and Nonprofit Research (IFANR) recruited individuals from among the database list of members provided by the ACEC Research Institute. Data collection occurred between July 13 and July 27, 2023.

A total of 9,072 invitations were emailed, although 1,757 bounced and 59 opted-out, resulting in a total of 7,256 potential respondents. Individuals who did not respond to the first email were sent three follow-up reminders.

In all, 570 individuals completed the survey for an overall response rate of 8%. Throughout this report meaningful, statistically significant differences are noted for various subgroups,including geographic region and firm size.

NOTE: Throughout this report, “Net Ratings” are shown on many graphs to quantify the sentiment of respondents. The Net Rating is calculated by subtracting the negative ratings from the positive ratings.

Therefore, a positive Net Rating indicates overall sentiment is optimistic while a negative Net Rating indicates an overall pessimistic sentiment. The higher the numeric value the stronger the sentiment (either optimistic or pessimistic).

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August 23, 2023

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