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America’s Engineers React to the American Jobs Plan

Washington, DC – The American Council of Engineering Companies – the voice of America’s engineering and design industry – released the following statement from its president and CEO, Linda Bauer Darr on the Biden Administration’s American Jobs Plan:

“America’s engineering industry applauds the vision and scope of the Biden Administration’s infrastructure plan, which calls for a $621 billion investment in the nation’s transportation systems and billions more to make our infrastructure safer and more resilient, improve drinking water and wastewater systems, close the digital divide, and speed the transition to electric vehicles.

We are encouraged that the American Jobs Plan will spur a much-needed debate in Congress on what America’s built environment should and could be in the future.  How we pay to achieve this vision continues to be a challenge, and ACEC is concerned that taxing America’s businesses, including small firms, could offset and undermine the economic recovery the President’s plan is trying to achieve.  For decades, infrastructure investments have been financed by the users of the system who enjoy the benefits of improved roads, bridges and rail systems, and we urge lawmakers and the Administration to put this option back on the table for consideration.

Setting those concerns aside, we are happy that President Biden has turned Congress’ attention towards infrastructure and the built environment.  This will be the focus for the next few months and Speaker Pelosi has set an aggressive timeline to get a bill done by July 4th with the Senate to soon follow.  America’s engineers look forward to adding their voice to the debate as legislation takes shape.”

ACEC’s Board Chair, Charlie Gozdziewski added that, “America’s engineering firms have the resources and expertise to align with President Biden’s vision for America’s infrastructure.  Significant investments must be approved by Congress if we are to improve the transportation systems we have in place today while we design tomorrow’s infrastructure.  Together we can do something historic to invest in our built environment to create jobs, spark economic growth and improve the quality of life.”


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March 31, 2021

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