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Tool No. 10-1: Site Visit Cards

The Toolkit Committee has developed these cards to assist the observer during a site observation visit.

The cards include a general card regarding general considerations, personal job site safety, communicating with the Contractor, what to take to the site visit and what to do prior, during and after the site visit.  This card is applicable for all site visits.

Following there are specific cards for many of the more typical structural systems with an outline list of items to either be observed during the site visit or verified that they have been completed as the responsibility of others.

The cards are an editable document and can be customized as needed to meet your firm’s areas of practice.  Individual firms may wish to add additional cards and modify check list items to suit their needs.  A Principal should review the cards provided to ensure that they represent your firm’s views of the typical scope of services.

Available for immediate download in Microsoft Word format. Hard copy not available.

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May 7, 2024

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