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Climate change and its impacts are creating uncertainties and challenges. To meet this challenge, new design philosophies for climate-safe infrastructure and reliable expertise for managing the risks of climate change are needed. Climate Change and the Built Environment is intended as a resource for design professionals, owners, planners, contractors, and other industry stakeholders. It provides practical guidance and vital industry information, including design strategies for mitigation and adaptation, new project approaches, contracting practices, risk management, and insurance insights, and it lays out a path forward to address climate change through best practices.

Readers will also find case studies that offer illustrative examples and recommendations for making projects more resilient and for protecting infrastructure assets.

Solving for climate change will require a diversity of voices and perspectives. As design professionals, we have a special role to play in re-establishing a balance between the natural and built
environments. This book represents a proactive collaboration of women across the design industry and is reflective of the type of engagement which will be needed to solve for this challenge.

Table of Contents:

  1. Historical Overview of Climate Change
  2. Responding to Climate Change through Mitigation and Adaptation
  3. Climate Change and Its Relevance to the Design Professional
  4. Climate Change and Insurance: Evolving Trends
  5. Climate Change Lawsuits: Trends and Analysis of Legal Actions
  6. The Role of Government and Regulation in Climate Change Adaptation
  7. Contracting Practices and Risk Management
  8. Approaches to Resilient Infrastructure Planning and Design
  9. The Language of Urgency
  10. Climate Adaptive Stormwater Management: A Living Systems Approach
  11. Looking Ahead:Designing a Resilient Future
Case Studies:
    • Whitney Museum Case Study
    • US 34 Big Thompson Canyon Flood Recovery Project
    • From Molasses to Sea Level Rise: Boston’s North End
    • Lake Delton Case Study
    • Asset Management: Assessing and Protecting a Portfolio

The editors support the Council’s efforts and all proceeds of the sales of this book will go toward strengthening ACEC’s educational programming efforts.

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Environment, Environmental Engineering


November 16, 2021

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