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The RD edited EJCDC 2018 C-520 “Agreement between Owner and Contractor (Stipulated Price)” has been prepared for use with the Instructions to Bidders (C-200, 2018 Edition) and with the Standard General Conditions of the Construction Contract ( C-700, 2018 Edition).

EJCDC C-520 Suggested Form of Agreement Between Owner & Contractor, Stipulated Price
Modified to include RD edits from RUS Bulletin 1780-26 (6/16/2020).

Available for immediate download in MS Word format. Hard copy not available.

Sets basic terms between the owner and the contractor. Details contractor’s basic duties and responsibilities, including bonds and insurance; progress and final payments; substantial completion; status of the engineer during construction; owner’s responsibilities; subsurface and hidden site conditions; changes in the work, contract price, or contract time; contractor warranties and guarantees; correction or rejection of defective work; work suspension or termination; and dispute resolution.

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Contract, EJCDC Document


July 5, 2020

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$ 72.00

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$ 144.00

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