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Manager as Advisor (CMA) document series is intended for projects in which the
Owner’s primary representative during construction will be the Construction
Manager as Advisor (CM). The series is
an alternative to the use of the EJCDC Construction Series, on projects in
which Engineer that prepared the design subsequently serves as the Owner’s
construction contract administrator. The
Construction Manager as Advisor Series of documents clarify the respective
roles and responsibilities of the Engineer and Construction Manager as Advisor
recognizing the contributions each makes to the design and delivery of a
construction project. The CMA‑Series is
comprised of contract documents, administrative forms, bonds, and
bidding/procurement documents.

EJCDC® CMA‑990, Construction Manager as Advisor (CMA) document
series, Full Set includes all 21 CMA documents that are specific to the series
plus six additional C-Series document.

  • EJCDC CMA‑050:
    Bidding Procedures and Construction Contract Documents (2021)
  • EJCDC CMA-051: Construction
    Manager’s Letter to Owner Requesting Instructions Concerning Bonds and
    Insurance (2021)
  • EJCDC CMA-052: Owner’s
    Instructions to Construction Manager Concerning Bonds and Insurance (2021)
  • EJCDC CMA-111: Advertisement
    for Bids for Construction Contract (2021)
  • EJCDC CMA-200: Instructions
    to Bidders for Construction Contract (2021)
  • EJCDC CMA-410: Bid Form for
    Construction Contract (2021)
  • EJCDC CMA-500: Agreement
    between Owner and Engineer for Professional Services (when Owner retains a
    Construction Manager as Advisor) and Exhibits together as zip file. (2021)
  • EJCDC CMA-501: Agreement
    between Owner and Construction Manager as Advisor (2021)
  • EJCDC CMA-510: Notice of
    Award (2021)
  • EJCDC CMA-520: Agreement
    between Owner and Contractor for Construction Contract (Stipulated Price)
  • EJCDC CMA-523: Construction
    Subcontract (2021)
  • EJCDC CMA-525: Agreement
    between Owner and Contractor for Construction Contract (Cost-Plus-Fee) (2021)
  • EJCDC CMA-550: Notice to
    Proceed (2021)
  • EJCDC CMA-620: Application
    for Payment (2021)
  • EJCDC CMA-625: Certificate of
    Substantial Completion (2021)
  • EJCDC CMA-626: Notice of
    Acceptability of Work (2021)
  • EJCDC CMA-700: Standard General
    Conditions of the Construction Contract (2021)
  • EJCDC CMA-800: Supplementary
    Conditions of the Construction Contract (2021)
  • EJCDC CMA-940: Work Change
    Directive (2021)
  • EJCDC CMA-941: Change Order
  • EJCDC CMA-942: Field Order
  • EJCDC C-430: Bid Bond (Penal Sum
    Form) (2018)
  • EJCDC C-435: Bid Bond (Damages
    Form) (2018)
  • EJCDC C-451: Qualifications
    Statement (2018)
  • EJCDC C-610: Performance Bond
  • EJCDC C-612: Warranty Bond (2018)
  • EJCDC C-615: Payment Bond (2018)
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September 8, 2021

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