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D-523 Construction Subcontract for Design-Build Project (2016) 

Available for immediate download in MS Word format. Hard copy not available.

Published 2016. 

An all-new construction subcontract between the Design-Builder and its Subcontractor. D-523 is sufficiently flexible to be used where the basis of compensation paid to the Subcontractor is either lump sum, unit price, or cost-plus-a-fee, and may be used either to subcontract the entire construction to a general contractor, or individual trade subcontracts. EJCDC D-523 is fully-integrated and coordinated with EJCDC D-512, D-520, D-525, D-700, and D-800, and significantly improves the ease and efficiency of drafting a construction subcontract for design-build delivery using EJCDC’s other design-build documents. (EJCDC D-523 replaces the former EJCDC D-521, D-526, and D-750, which have been discontinued.
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Contract, EJCDC Document


December 30, 2018

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