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EJCDC D-620 Design-Builders Application for Payment (2016) 

Available for immediate download in MS Excel format. Hard copy not available.

Published 2016. 

An all-new document for the Owner and Design-Builder’s use in applying for administering to progress payments to the Design-Builder. EJCDC D-620 is in a user-friendly Microsoft Excel format and includes integrated worksheets for the payment summary, schedule of values for lump sum work, schedule of values for unit price work, and a stored materials summary. This document is similar to EJCDC C-620 (for design-bid-build) but is specific to design-build project delivery. Using EJCDC D-620 in design-build brings improved clarity to administering the payment process for a design-build contract.
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December 31, 2018

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$ 52.00

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$ 104.00

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