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EJCDC E-505: Agreement Between Owner and Engineer for Professional Services, Task Order Edition

Available for immediate download in MS Word format. Hard copy not available. Revised 2020.

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This document works for the owner and engineering firm that wishes to contract for work on a series of as yet unspecified projects. It defines responsibilities, allocates risks, and defines the usual matters, e.g., term, hazardous environment, controlling law. Individual projects are then defined in a Task Order, which is included in this form.

EJCDC’s newly updated EJCDC E-505: Agreement Between Owner and Engineer for Professional Services — Task Order Edition is designed to be used for multiple or recurring assignments (“tasks”) related to one or several projects and allows individual assignments to be expeditiously made without the need to renegotiate the entire Main Agreement.

To help you manage the drafting of both the Main Agreement and subsequent Task Orders and efficiently organize the topics and exhibits, the updated E-505 includes four parts:

  • Part 1: Main Agreement—The main agreement is the controlling agreement form containing the general terms and conditions that apply to all subsequently issued Task Orders.
  • Part 2: Exhibits to Main Agreement—The exhibits are intended to supplement the main agreement and as such will have general application to all task orders.
  • Part 3: Task Order Form—This form is used by the Owner and Engineer to define the scope of services for a specific task to be performed by the engineer, to specify the engineer’s compensation for performing the task, and the schedule for completion of the services.
  • Part 4: Exhibits to the Task Order—There are four exhibits intended for use with specific task orders:
    • Exhibit A, Engineer’s Services Under Task Order. Defining the specific scope of the engineer’s services is a critical element of each task order.
    • Exhibit B, Deliverables Schedule for Task Order. This new exhibit presents an organized schedule of the Engineer’s deliverables and the Owner’s review times.
    • Exhibit D, Duties, Responsibilities, And Limitations of Authority of Resident Project Representative Under Task Order.
    • Exhibit E, EJCDC® C‑626, Notice of Acceptability of Work form. By including this form as an exhibit, both Owner and Engineer acknowledge the scope and limitations of this critical determination.
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November 16, 2020

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