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EJCDC® E‑525, 2022 Agreement Between Owner and Engineer for Study and Report Professional Services, is for use in retaining an engineering firm to prepare a study and report—for example, an evaluation of a project’s feasibility, facility needs, treatment options, or siting challenges. E-525 does not include design-phase or construction-phase engineering services. It contains an abbreviated set of terms and conditions that is appropriate for its narrow and preliminary scope of services.

After receiving the report, if the Owner decides to move forward with the project, the parties can use EJCDC® E-500, Agreement Between Engineer and Owner for Professional Services, 2020 edition, seamlessly, to proceed.

*Available for immediate download in MS Word format. Hard copy not available.

Resource Type

Contract, EJCDC Document


January 18, 2022

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ACEC Member Price

$ 90.00

Non-Member Price

$ 180.00

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